20 Free Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Templates

3. Maxisonix Free website template

For your project designing, you need to have well coded and also professionally designed templates. Here free and responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Templates will be shared with you. They are flexible and serve as multipurpose templates. You can edit and too customize these templates according to your own taste. Try these 20 Free HTML5 and CSS3 Templates because they are packed and fully inducted with amazing features.

Garler Free website template

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1. Garler Free website template

You can try this HTML5 and CSS3 Templates. This template is all build up and designed in such a way that it gives you a responsive layout. Its layout comes with 4 columns. This template uses HTML5 doctype. This template is designed and created by OS Templates.

Overerts Free website template

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2. Overerts Free website template

This template comes with myriad and wide in a number of pages. It has an impressive layout, its interface is clean. You can customize and edit its layout. This subject template us developed by OS templates and it is built on HTML5 doctype.

Maxisonix Free website template

Demo | Download

3. Maxisonix Free website template

You can use this template if you have a website related to fashion. The colorful scheme is used in the layout of this template. It has advanced and up to date kind of customization options.

Luthum Free website template

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4. Luthum Free website template

You will see that this amazing template comes with a grid system. It has a feature of hover description. You can give a detailed explanation of your product by using this template. Your service or product will instantly get the attention if you will use this well-coded template.

Boguco Free website template

Demo | Download

5. Boguco Free website template

This template comes with a demo option as well. To show your portfolio, to tell your customers what you actually wants to represent, then this is the template all designed for you by OS templates. It has a crisp animation and this crispy feature will make your product standout if you will use this template.


Demo | Download

6. Aerogem

This template has a full-width slider, it gives you the options to use its banners, sizes, and shapes. By using its pages, you will see that this template pages come with parallax effects/


Demo | Download

7. Forty

This template has the most responsive layout. Its digital design and highly coded layout will capture your attention in seconds. This template is installed with advanced sort of web techniques. For the information, this template is designed by HTML5 UP.


Demo | Download

8. Stellar

If you are looking for fully and wholly responsive website templates then do try this Stellar template. This template has an amazing typography options. It has multiple pages and wide in a number of color scheme options available for you.


Demo | Download

9. Multiverse

This template comes with a structured code. Professional designing options and layouts are embedded in this layout. This template can make your task easier to transform your ideas and bring them into reality.


Demo | Download

10. Phantom

Try this template as soon as possible. It will cater your needs and requirements. Its code is well and properly structures, its layout is responsive and it comes with uncluttered designs as well.


Demo | Download

11. Hyperspace

This template has been released free of cost. It is created by HTML5 UP. The special thing about this template, it is compatible with many and multi in number browsers. It is just an effective template that can make your portfolio a noticeable one.


Demo | Download

12. Imperfect

It is a fine template and all of the professional and beginner site makers should use this template. To materialize your ideas and to bring them into reality, to make your portfolio a stronger one, you should use this template.

Solid state

Demo | Download

13. Solid state

This template encompasses in itself professional coding in it. If you are looking for simple landing pages and too appealing designs then do try this template.


Demo | Download

14. Identity

This template comes with multiple in a number of content sections. You can use this template for any of your projects.


Demo | Download

15. Lens

Do try this Free HTML5 and CSS3 Template. It has suitable and appropriate color schemes, images and designs for your site. You can easily customize and manage this template.


Demo | Download

16. Visualize

it comes with one page and also simple in design portfolio template. This template has a fully and completely functional lightbox in its features. It has a super looking responsive design


Demo | Download

17. Theory

It comes with a crispy and modern kind of page landing template. This template is just ideal and perfect one for the business people as well as for the corporations. This template has a simple design, it has a spacious design.

Full motion

Demo | Download

18. Full motion

It has a landing page template. It is a video gallery template that comes with a functional video light box


Demo | Download

19. Radius

This template has masonry style grid options and features of drop down menus in it. It has a neutral sort of color scheme and comes with extra and varied in a number of page layouts as well.


Demo | Download

20. Prism

It is a single pager template that comes with a simple and a super look. If you want to launch cool things then this template will be suitable for you. This template has clean lines and can give you a minimalistic look along with an awesome feel.

Do try these 20 Free HTML5 and CSS3 Templates.


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