8 Plugins to Build Mobile Apps of WordPress Site


If you have online publication business site, then it is a must for you to have a mobile version of that website. Your site should have some responsive kind of mobile form app so that users can assess your site by using their smartphones. For a prominent online presence, your websites should too have a mobile presence. Apart from the mobile presence, you need to make sure that your site looks nice on all of the mobile devices. You should have a mobile-friendly site.

Here, you can check out the details of some of the plugins that can let you produce a mobile version of your website. With the use of these plugins, your site will have a mobile-friendly version for the Android and too for the iOS devices. These are 8 Plugins to Build Mobile Apps of WordPress Site.


For the information, it converts your WordPress site content right into Android as well as iOS mobile apps. With the use of this app builder, you can add too premium extensions in your site like that of  push notifications and also rate my app extension feature. The team of this plugin is working on future projects, they will sooner come up with trendy sort of themes for your app.

1.Worona-Build Mobile Apps of WordPress Site


If you will use this plugin WordApp then it will let you transform and convert your e-Commerce or dating websites into a mobile-friendly app. It will too boost and enhance your mobile traffic. This plugin comes with many customization options. Try its premium features like that of push notifications.


WordPress Mobile pack

With the help of this plugin, a native kind of look will be given to your site on the mobile handsets. With the use of its custom fonts and also colors, you can well customize your mobile app. The pro version of this plugin will allow you to create Android and also iOS apps.



It is a flexible plugin. This plugin can develop a mobile app for you. The mobile app created by using this plugin will load faster and will too work in a smoother way as compared to the other plugins. Is other prominent features are infinite scrolling and too dynamic settings. Try its features of deep linking support.



If you will use Blappsta then you will notice that this plugin can smoothly transform your WordPress blog right into a native kind of Android or into an iOS app. Try its Blappsta Preview ‘apps and these apps will allow you to test and also to have a preview of all of your experiments.



If you are an online publisher, then this is the suggested plugin for you. With the support of this plugin, you can easily convert your online site content into iOS or into Android apps. This mobile has other features as well which are comments and too social media sharing. You can place our logo and use its feature of anti-adblockers.



If you have a desktop site, then you should use MobiLoud because it can well convert your desktop site into some native mobile app. The mobile app made with the help of this plugin will work on iOS and too on the Android devices. This plugin comes with the support features of mobile advertising and too monetization efforts. Because of its RTL support and also multi-lingual interfaces which are available in 20+ languages, you can do commenting and also social sharing on this mobile app. You will have a free of cost preview of this app. This plugin has a trial period of 21 days.



You can either make use of your own blog’s responsive theme, you can too use the mobile themes of WiziApp if you want to generate and create an Android/iOS app for your web site. This Wiziapp comes with push notifications. For the conversion of your blog or your website into HTML5 web app, this plugin can assist you in this area. This plugin comes with AdMob ads features so that you can well maximize your monetization. This feature will also boost your revenues.


So these are the top 8 plugins that can transform your WordPress site into a mobile app. Do try them and let us know, which one is your favorite?


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