In this web development industry, we come across these so many acronyms and abbreviations. At times, we know some of them and at times, we have less knowledge about few of them. For all of the practicing developers, it is important for them to know about the basic and primary one abbreviations. With the help of this post, you can have a look at these 30 acronyms and all of these abbreviations are very much and frequently used in this world of web development these days. Have a look at these abbreviations and acronyms web developers in detail:

  1. ARIA

Its full form is Accessible Rich Internet Applications. For the information, ARIA makes your web content all accessible and allowed for all of the disabled people who have been accessing the web content with the use of assistive technologies (AT).

  1. ACSS

Its full name is Atomic Cascading Style Sheets. As we know that it is a CSS writing methodology and it is developed by Yahoo. This term is actually based on short and also predictable class names so that you can style directly your HTML coding.

  1. AMP

Its full and complete name is Accelerated Mobile Pages. You must know that AMP is a mobile web standard and it has been initiated and created by Google. Its main and basic purpose are to make mobile sites faster in mode

  1. API

Its complete name is Application Programming Interface (API). This term is basically a set and package of pre-written codes and these codes help us to write a consistent coding.

  1. BEM

Its full name is Block, Element, Modifier. All of the web developers should know that this term signifies and tells us about a naming convention. It is used for writing a readable and also consistent CSS classes.

  1. CDN

Its detailed named is Content Delivery Network. This network is primarily a network of some distributed servers and these servers store all of the duplicate copies of your website content.

  1. CMS

It is also known as Content Management System. It is a kind of software that will permit you to publish and also organize your digital content. Few Examples are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

  1. CRUD

Its full and detailed named is Create, Read, Update, Delete. This abbreviation is mainly used in the world of database management.

  1. CSSOM

This abbreviation has a full name of Cascading Style Sheets Object Model. This term let all of the browsers to do the properly rendering and organization of CSS styles on their web pages.

  1. CTA

It is abbreviated as Call-To-Action. Web developers should also know about this marketing term as this term is massively used in the web designing. A message is usually directed to all of the users so that they can take an immediate and instant action.

  1. DOM

Its full name is Document Object Model. It actually  specifies and tell us about the logical and detailed structure of your document.

  1. ECMAScript ES

The detailed name of this abbreviation is European Computer Manufacturers Association Script. It is a scripting language on the basis of it the syntax of JavaScript is primarily based.

  1. FOSS

The full name of this abbreviation is Free and Open-Source Software. This software is free from the conditions of copyrights. You can freely access this software.

  1. FTU

Its detailed name is First Time Use, this term will come across by you when you will use a software for a very first time right after installation.

  1. GUI

It is known a Graphical User Interface. It is a user interface that allows the users to interact with any kind of software without knowing about the command languages.

  1. IDE

This term is abbreviated as Integrated Development Environment. It is a software application that gives us such kind of programming environment so that we can integrate and fuse different kinds of tools.

  1. IIFE

This term has a detailed name of Immediately Invoked Function Expression. It is a JavaScript design pattern.

  1. ITCSS

Its full name is Inverted Triangle Cascading Style Sheets. You will see that it is a scalable sort of CSS architecture so that you can reuse CSS code.

  1. JSON

The complete name of this abbreviation is JavaScript Object Notation. This term is language-independent and used for interchanging your data

  1. LAMP

Its complete name is Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl. It is a web stack so that you can create dynamic looking websites.

  1. LTR/ RTL

This abbreviation full form is Left To Right / Right To Left. These are terms which are used when it comes to internationalization. It is one of the important abbreviations web developers should and must know.

  1. MEAN

Its complete name is MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js. It is web stack for the development of dynamic kind of web applications.

  1. MVC

It is named as Model-View-Controller. This term is linked with the architectural pattern and used when it comes to the object-oriented sort of programming.

  1. OAuth

Its full name is Open Authentication. This term is related to the open protocol so that secure authorization can be made possible in a standardized sort of way

  1. OOP

Its full name is Object-Oriented Programming. Web developers should have this information that it is a programming paradigm.

  1. REGEX

It is named as Regular Expression. It is a kind of text pattern so that you can match character combinations in your different strings.

  1. REST

Its detailed name is Representational State Transfer. It is a software design that tells us about the architectural guidelines so that we can transfer the data right between the client and a server

  1. SCM

The complete name of this subjected abbreviation is Source Control Management. If you want to manage and handle the multiple in the range of versions of your same document then this term is used.


Its full and complete name is Scalable and Modular Architecture for Cascading Style Sheets. Users must know that it is a CSS writing methodology, this term will let you modularize your CSS code and also make it maintainable.


Its full name is What You See Is What You Get. It is a content editor tool that will allow and permit you to edit your text and also your images.

Above are the 30 most important abbreviations web developers should know. We will let you know further about other abbreviations.


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