It is true that one of the wonderful times of our lives is the holiday time. During your holiday time, the best way to celebrate them is to cook food for yourself. Imagine that you have a friend and he is a foodie! What will you give him? You should give him some food inspired gifts. You can have a look at these food inspired gifts. They are all made for you. Check out this list that will show you the 20 Amazing Foodies Gifts in Your Life:

Macaron Coin Purses

You can for sure collect your coins right in this cutest looking macaron purse. In this way, you can smell out your money in a sweeter way. This purse is available in wide in range of colors. You can also use it for keys and to put other small kinds of accessories for yourself.

1.Macaron Coin Purses

Watermelon candle

Get hold of this watermelon candle. Once you will hold it, you will get this feeling as if you are holding an actual watermelon. This candle actually lasts for16 hours. Yes it is a perfect gift for lover of food.

2.Watermelon candle

Sushi socks

You can make this perfect fusion of having knitted socks and also to feel the culture of Japanese food. This sock is available in 7 designs. You can have it in the form of Salmon and Shrimp. You can have it in the design of Tuna and Egg.

3.Sushi socks

Snack treat notebook

It has a price of 12.50 dollars. If you want to pen down your thoughts then you can have this notebook in the shape of snacks. This design looks like a cheddar cheese kind of cracker.

4. Snack treat notebook

Fish pencil wallet

Get this gift in the price of 7.19 dollars. This wallet looks like a real fish.

5. Fish pencil wallet

Monster pop molds

You can have this creative gift in the price of 16.92 dollars. Through these funny molds, you can easily make ice cream by giving them a shape of a monster.

6. Monster pop molds

Watermelon slicer

Through this slicer, you can give a perfect treat to yourself. Now, you can cut and also pick your watermelon slices with the help of this slicer.

7. Watermelon slicer

Fast food socks

If you want to see an actual looking pepperoni then this fast food socks can give you this feeling! As you can see that these designs are knitted and they are not printed. These socks are there in a box and they are available in a shape of pizza slice.

8. Fast food socks

Pepporoni pizza bedding

This Pepporoni pizza bedding will let you to sleep on pizza as well! This item is in the form of bed linen.

9. Pepporoni pizza bedding

No Cry gloves

Just try these No Cry gloves and you will stay away from all kinds of cutting. With the help of them, you can easily cut vegetables and slice them up.

10. No Cry gloves

Frankfurter Brett

Just get this Frankfurter Brett if you want to enjoy your meal in a special way! Through this item, you can make a collection of your food in the separate containers. You can too put a cookbook in it. It is the best one cooking board.

11. Frankfurter Brett

Beer bites snack bowl

It is the time that you should do some beer party with your friends. Get this Beer bites snack bowl and have a real party.

12. Beer bites snack bowl

Fixie pizza cutter

You should make this pizza cutting task an exciting task for you! This is one of the amazing cutters and you should get it. You can have it in just 23 dollars.

13. Fixie pizza cutter

Eggsplode egg cup

No doubt that Eggsplode egg cup can make one of the funniest additions right on your breakfast table. Get it and make your breakfast an ever exciting one.

14. Eggsplode egg cup

Donut beach towel

This is a kind of beach blanket and it is shaped in the form a delicious looking donut.

15. Donut beach towel

Cupmen: Noodle indicator

In order to determine the actual status of your noodles, you should get this Cupmen: Noodle indicator. As soon your noodles will start to rise up, this item will change its color.

16. Cupmen

Star wars Darth Vader Toaster

It is a toaster which is available in the shape of Vader helmet. This toaster makes toast along with the title of Star Wars right on its side.

17. Star wars Darth Vader Toaster

Animal Sandwich cutter

You can call it as one of the funniest looking sandwich cutters by far!They are shaped in the form of animals.

18. Animal Sandwich cutter

Chocolate Donut Float

It is a donut float and it is all made with this chocolate frosting and also sprinkles. Now, you can make your beach holidays as perfect one by getting this Chocolate Donut Float.

19. Chocolate Donut Float

Arthur Egg cup

This Arthur Egg cup is all inspired from this King Arthur. This cup is in the shape of a soldier.

20. Arthur Egg cup

So, all the foodies out there, they should get these Top 20 and best Brilliantly creative Gifts.


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