20 Beautiful jQuery Images Gallery & Sliders Plugins


In your portfolio website, it is compulsory for you to have a wonderful image gallery. To showcase and display your work, to get the attention of viewers, you need to work on image gallery of your website. You can take help from below mentioned jQuery Images Gallery plugins. They will let you to easily and conveniently install your web designs so that you can create image galleries and animations, mega menus on your own. These mentioned plugins are coded by the most professional designers. Try these jQuery Images Gallery plugins and save your precious time and do build your site layout a professional one.

Squeezebox Portfolio template

jQuery Images Gallery-jquery-image-gallery

When the users will click on its button “Show Projects” then a block style of image gallery will pop up. This block will let the audience to browse and look at your work. This gallery can be slided left and also in right direction, its images expands right into full-screen mode and gives you more information. [Demo]

jQuery Flipping gallery


This mentioned Flipping Gallery is a kind of an animated in style photo gallery plugin. You can easily flip your own portfolio by using this plugin. All images present in this gallery, they automatically and on their own flip down turn by turn. To show your graphic design, to display any hobby projects, you can use this gallery. [Demo]

Google Grid gallery

 jQuery Images Gallery

This subjected gallery plugin is one of the perfect fits for any sorts of portfolio style pages.  This gallery comes masonry grid along with the effects of 3D transformation. It is fully responsive. It can feature both of yours image and also text description. [Demo]


 jQuery Images Gallery

It is one of the flexible image gallery plugins. You can customize it to make it fit in any of yours website project. This plugin comprises of multiple in number browsing modes. It features transition effects as well as preloader. [Demo]

Cube Portfolio

Cube Portfolio--jquery-image-gallery

It is a premium in function plugin. It can well support both of the mosaic as well as slider layouts. It is a fully customizable plugin. It features and comes with all kinds of responsive designs. Check out it’s 19 beautiful and amazing templates as well. [Demo]

Expandable Image gallery


Only for the eCommerce websites, this subjected image gallery has been designed. But this image gallery can also adjust in yours creative agencies site portfolio pages. It comes with a slit in style screen design for the proper display of your images and to information. [Demo]

Final tiles grid gallery


It consists of a grid in style layout. This mentioned gallery plugin can easily show your images and videos. It supports filters and infinite scrolling as well as social sharing. It has a stylish looking gallery layout so do try it. It is recommended jQuery Images Gallery plugin. [Demo]

Thumb grid gallery plugin


Thumb grid gallery plugin is one of the basic and simple thumbnail image galleries. It does have a classic looking layout.  It features some of the amazing and wow transition effects. No doubt it is an attractive gallery all because of its minimalist design. [Demo]

Flow gallery


This is a modern and latest gallery plugin. It supports both of your images, videos.  It too supports YouTube and Vimeo, as well as Dailymotion videos. You can create multiple albums and deep linking by using it. [Demo]



No doubt that it is a responsive and suggested gallery plugin. This gallery plugin can perfectly fit and adjust your complete image galleries so that users can easily view them on any of their devices. It supports videos. It offers multiple styles to you so that you can create a responsive looking gallery for your site.



This gallery plugin comes in two forms. The first version consists of controls and captions, share buttons. The second version is the minimal version. It does not consist of controls and buttons. This gallery plugin contains lazy-loading and zoom animations in it as well. [Demo]

Eagle Gallery


This image gallery supports all sorts of touch gestures. It supports zooming images features. For your portfolio galleries and your product galleries, this plugin is ideal for you. To show your high in size resolution images, you can try its zooming function. [Demo]



It’s expanding feature can let you to fully expand your portfolio elements and items. You does not have to load any more modal windows and light boxes, you does not have to open up these new tabs. It’s expanding feature will do these tasks for you. [Demo]



It is a lightweight plugin. It features fast lightbox. With the help of lightbox, you can well explore and look at the gallery all by using a mouse. It comes with beautiful animations. It supports touch gestures. [Demo]



It is a 3-in-1 plugin. It consists of a slider and carousel, gallery. To integrate and fuse all these three elements right into your site, you can use this plugin right away. It has 25 beautiful and amazing templates for your galleries, sliders. [Demo]



It is a simplest looking gallery plugin. Its fast lightbox will let you showcase and exhibit your gallery and collection of images right on your portfolio pages. No doubt that this gallery plugin can give the best range of experience right to your viewers and audience. [Demo]

Modularux jQuery


It is a unique and recommended plugin that has this ability to wholly transform and change your portfolio styles and designs.  You can call it as a content grid plugin. This plugin can showcase your images, descriptions, titles which are present alongside your items. [Demo]

Do give a try to these plugins!



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